YouTube Description Tutorial and Template

This YouTube description tutorial will help you get more views, subs, grow your other social accounts and more. You can use this template as a guide and then modify it for your needs.

  • I’m gonna tell you how to get more views
    by using your video descriptions on YouTube like a genius
    and we’re starting right now.

Did you know that you can get more views,
you can get more watch time,
and you can increase the amount of subscribers
that you’re getting if you use
your video descriptions in a smart way?
Seriously, you’re missing out on tons of opportunity
for more views and more watch time and all that
by not using your descriptions properly.
Check this out.
So one of the things that I do in my spare time
because I’m just weird like that.
One of the things I do in my spare time
is I go to my comment sections,
then I’ll just open up channels
and I’ll look to see who’s watching my videos.
And a lot of times when I’m doing that,
I’ll go and I’ll look and I’ll see,
hey what’s their About Me page look like?
What’s their videos like?
You know, I’ll just look at everything
and I’ll say hey, what are they doing
in their video descriptions?
And a lot of people, all they’re putting
in their description is a description.
You’re missing out.
So I’m gonna tell you step-by-step
how to take advantage of your video descriptions.
At the very top, the very first thing that you need to add
to the very top of your video description
is the actual description of the video
but here’s what you wanna do with it.
Of course, you want to type in what the video is about
but you also want to make sure
that if you are trying to rank your video for search
that you are putting your keyword phrase
towards the front of your description.
This is actually a recommendation from YouTube.
Another thing you can do that can help
in terms of ranking is you can also look for other ways
that people might search for what it is
that you’re trying to rank your video for
and use different versions of that but make sure,
listen, make sure that you’re doing this in natural language
instead of just stuffing in a bunch of stuff.
Make sure that you’re doing it in a way
that you would communicate normally
if you were writing something out.
So you have that at the top to actually tell people
what your video is about and to help you rank in search.
From there, you want to move down
and you want to add a link for people
to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
So it reminds them hey, I click on here
to subscribe to the channel just in case
for whatever reason I overlooked
that big humongous red button.
For this, for people that are watching your videos
on a desktop or a laptop,
something that’s not a mobile device,
I recommend using the auto-subscribe link
which we’ll have right up on the screen right now
so that you can copy this and you can put that down there
and how that works, if somebody clicks on that,
it works just like the subscribe button does
and it will subscribe them to your YouTube channel
after they say okay.
From there, what you want to do is you want to say,
okay, how can I get more people to watch my videos
and generate more watch time?
So you do that by adding links
to more videos and more playlists.
So how you want to approach this is you want to say,
if somebody is watching a video on how to fix a muffler
on a Ford Mustang, for example,
then what you want to do is you want to say,
they’re interested obviously in fixing stuff
on a Ford Mustang so if you had a channel like that,
you would say okay, the videos that I’m gonna put down
in the description, I’m gonna put three videos down there
and I’m gonna put three links to playlists
about fixing Ford Mustangs.
And the reason for this is relevance.
You want to make sure that the stuff
that you’re putting down in your video description
is relevant to the content
that they’ve already clicked in to watch.
Right, you’ve already got them,
you’ve already got their interest,
you already know that they’re interested
in this particular thing so you want to make sure
that you’re recommending things
that they’re likely to be interested in.
Now if you just have a video, right,
let’s say that you only have one video
about that particular thing
that they’re coming in to watch a video about.
So you’ve got that video and one other video like it.
Then in that case, just link to a video.
But if you happen to have an entire playlist
of videos that are about that specific topic,
go ahead and link to that playlist
because if you’re linking to that playlist,
then the people that are coming in
are more likely to watch more videos
in that playlist as well which would get you more views
and more watch time and if they watch your videos more,
then there’s a really good chance
that you’re also gonna earn a subscriber from it.
Now to take this up a notch, another thing that you can do
is once you have those playlists
that are directly relevant to the specific thing
that they’re looking for is you can say okay,
now what else do I have on my channel
that I can link them to that’s still related
to what it is that I’m talking about in this video
but it’s not the exact same thing
or on that exact same topic base?
So let’s say that you’re a gamer and you’re making games
on Call of Duty for example,
and the video that they came in on
was something about Call of Duty
and then you have another playlist on your channel
that’s something else, that’s some type of fighting game
as an example that might not be Call of Duty
but it’s another Call of Duty type of game.
So think about it and say okay,
if somebody’s gonna be watching this particular video,
they’re playing Call of Duty,
then that means that they’re into that type of game
so what other type of videos do I have on my channel
covering other games that are like this
that I can link them to?
And what you’ve just done there if you can figure that out,
what you’ve just done there is you’ve created things
that are specific to the video that they’re watching
and you’re creating things that are similar to that
so that you can be tapping into their interest
for the general umbrella so to speak
of the type of things that they might be interested in.
From there, if you’re doing any type of affiliate marketing,
then that’s a great place to put links and recommendations
to other things depending on what it is
that you’re trying to do on your channel
at any specific time, you might want to rearrange
how these things are so let’s say for example,
you’re like hey, it’s really important for me
to try to get some affiliate commissions off of this,
then in that case, maybe you want to put
the affiliate information above the additional playlist
and the additional videos and then you put those underneath.
So it just kind of depends on what it is
that you’re actually trying to accomplish
but from there, put any links
to any affiliate stuff that you have.
The next thing that you want to do to help you
generate more views in the long game, right, long term,
is you want to add your social media stuff.
So if you are growing your channel
and you have everything focused on your YouTube channel,
that’s excellent.
Once you start getting some momentum going,
go ahead and start putting your Twitter links,
go ahead and start putting your Instagram links
down in your descriptions so that people
can follow you on those platforms
so that when you upload new content,
you can drop it on Twitter and say hey,
come check out my YouTube video.
And the funny thing about this is this sounds so simple,
I know as the words are coming out of my mouth,
you’re thinking yeah Nick, yeah, that makes total sense,
of course I would put my Twitter stuff
down in my descriptions.
But for a lot of people that are gonna watch this video,
you’re gonna look at your descriptions
after you’re watching this video
and you’re gonna say, wow, I’m not doing any of this.
I need to get on it right now.
This video is for you.
From there, if you have an opt-in of any kind
to where you’re leading people into an email list,
you want to make sure that you put it there
and of course, if you’re doing
any type of affiliate marketing from your channel
or any type of affiliate links,
you want to make sure that you also put
the affiliate disclaimer down there as well.
And I know what you might be thinking.
You might be thinking, hey Nick,
this stuff doesn’t even matter,
how is this, you know doing this on a couple of videos
gonna make a big difference?
On a couple of videos it’s not gonna make a huge difference
unless those videos do really well
but where this will make a huge difference is at scale.
So as your content library grows,
as you’re getting more views,
as your channel is swelling up,
when you have all of this stuff put into place
for your entire video library,
it can make a humongous difference
on all of that internal traffic
that you’re generating to your own channel
and when you’re doing that,
you’re generating all this internal traffic,
you’re creating this trap of watch time
and this trap of views that people get stuck in,
YouTube’s gonna love you for it.
I’ll put a link at the top of the channel right now
to another video that I made on how to generate
more watch time on your channel
by creating a watch time trap.
Really interesting video and you should check it out
if you’re trying to get more watch time
and views and just overall influence
from your YouTube channel.

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