Frequently Asked Questions

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Useful questions and answers


General Questions

1How long before my order starts?
Great Question! We start working on your order immediately. Our Marketing Team watches your video and determines what category to place your video in (Music, Comedy, Gaming, Tutorials, Entertainment,…). After determining the best category they begin the marketing process.
2When will my promotion start to make my views go up?
We generally see your views increase within 12 hours to 24 hours.
3What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Paypal
4How many people has worked with?
We have been around for several years and have worked with over 965,000 individual customers. We are the leader in providing promotions for Youtube Videos.

Submission Questions

1Where do I find my URL?
Your URL is located in the web address bar. See picture below. youtube-url Also you can look under your video and click share and you will see a shorter version of your url. See picture below YouTube-Share-URL COPY AND PAST THE URL. Thanks,

Affiliate Questions

1When do You Pay out Commissions?
We pay commissions daily, we start at 9:00pm eastern
2How much can I earn?
You could earn as much as you want. Really... It all depends on how much effort you put forth. Our Top earners make around 60k a year. But on average our consistent Marketers (Affiliates) make about $2,300 monthly.
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