5 Quick Ways To Make Your Videos Rank on Youtube

youtube video promotion

Focus on topics you’re passionate about.

When you pick a topic you are passionate about the work involved with filming will be much easier. Your Youtube video will be authentic.

Utilize your last 20 seconds to promote yourself.

This is the time to ask your audience to like and subscribe, leave a comment. Also you could promote your Social Media and any products you may have.

Titles, Titles, Titles

Choosing a interesting title is the most important aspect that is often overlooked. Ask yourself one question, what would make someone want to click on this video?

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Make sure your lighting is good. Open windows, turn on all the lights in your home. Use several desk lights, be sure to light your shadows as well. Or buy a ring light. It’s important

Record yourself several times

Recording yourself multiple times and taking the best parts to combine and make a great video. Also its just good practice and will make you better in the long road. This will also give you Blooper Reel footage that you could use at the end of your video or create a totally separate video. Just be sure to laugh at yourself. Don”t take it to seriously.