Youtube Success with Twitter

Twitter tip... In your pinned tweet, make sure to have a VISUAL for your tweet, as posting a link will just show blue text in many Twitter formats. So put your thumbnail in the tweet if it’s really good OR preferably, put a 20-60 second video sample containing the most valuable or impressive part of your vid. Or whatever would be a tease. This means onlookers get to SEE part of your video before even leaving the platform. You can even use an app like Splice to make a highlight reel of some of the best parts of your video like I did with mine. Honestly you can’t tell I edited it, but the clip in my pinned tweet shows content from the beginning, middle, and end of my newest video.

Then I make sure to message anyone who retweets it a thank you DM and it’s surprising how many random people can retweet your stuff. Also keep in mind when you reply to peoples tweets, it counts as a tweet and can show in the feed SO if you’re wanting to “revive” a tweet the next day, reply to someone that replied to the pinned tweet. Make sure it’s a solid reply (can be simple though) that someone might see and want to also click the tweet or reply to. Remember anyone who replies to your post, their audience may potentially see their reply in their feed.

Also. Don’t obsess over this. Social media is a pretty decent tip for getting your content out there, but you know what’s a better tip? Making content. And letting YouTube promote your videos. I personally spend too much time on social media and not enough time creating. Don’t make that mistake! Social media is not a magic wand it’s just something that can help, but it’s not at all going to help you like YouTube’s algorithms can.

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