Why all Youtubers need a Instagram account

Instagram is the #1 Social Media site. As of June 2018, Instagram has reached the 1 billion monthly active user mark (TechCrunch, 2018). That’s a big milestone for the mainly mobile photo sharing network! More than 500 million active users are using the platform daily. As of now, the Instagram app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. (Oberlo)

instagram for youtube

Here’s how to leverage your instagram accout to get Subscribers:

  • Put Your Youtube Link in your Bio
  • Upload High Quality Photos
  • Use a lot of behind the scenes photos
  • Explain your Process of putting together a video
  • Engage with everyone who likes or comments on your photo
  • Comment and like other Instagram accounts in your category
  • Direct Message other Instagrammers with relevant questions

The bigger you can make your fanbase across all networks the more Youtube Views, Likes and Subs you can get.