Youtube Vloggers and LG Wing Smartphone

Youtube Vloggers are excited about the new LG Wing. The smartphone will allow you to record and share your reactions at the same time.

The new device from LG will allow you to simply rotate the screen and record your face and also utilize the rear facing camera. The phone is the first of LG’s Explorer Project, a company endeavor that aims to bring more experimental designs and form factors with LG phones. More phones are sure to come, however, as LG also teased an extendable phone with a pull-out display at the end of the presentation.

Rather than unfolding the Wing as you would with a Galaxy Z Fold 2 or a Surface Duo, you instead flick the main screen around so it sits in landscape orientation. Only then do you see the smaller, 3.9-inch screen beneath it — this thing runs at 1,240 x 1,080, in other words it is designed to pull double duty.

The smaller secondary screen would be for multitasking. The main display could be in a message, and the secondary one is used as a keyboard for typing. Alternatively, you might be looking at a picture on the primary screen and use the second one to edit the image.

Here is a link to Youtube that will show you some examples The link

Youtube Video Trend: LG Wing

This isn’t the first time LG has launched swivel phones. Back in the early 2000s, LG came out with the LB1500 and the LU1400, two prehistoric-looking phones with non-touch screen swivel screens.

Finding content to record is always a struggle. Remember to post weekly on schedule and over time you will become a great Youtuber.