Tips To Write Effective Descriptions & Tags on Youtube

Tips for Youtubers

After you’ve uploaded a video, do you ever stared blankly at your screen, wondering what to put in your youtube description and tag fields? Don’t worry – this video will help. We’ll review the best practices for writing descriptions and selecting tags.

Every time you upload a new video to your channel, you’ll be prompted to write a description.The more you make your video stand out using tools like the description field, the better chance it has of succeeding on YouTube. It’s also easy to update video descriptions should you decide to add or remove information later on.

Advertisers can choose to target videos that contain particular terms and keywords in their titles, descriptions, or tags, in order to reach the audiences they value.

Advertisers can also use terms and keywords to opt-out of content that doesn’t align to their brand as well. For example, videos that contain profane, controversial, or sexually suggestive terms (even if they are being used in a comedic, ironic, or otherwise non-offensive context) can result in some advertisers excluding your video from their campaigns. Advertisers also sometimes opt out of keywords that are not controversial, but in their own may not align with their brand or advertising campaign goals.



The video above explains in detail about the best practices on Youtube.   Pro Youtubers will always maximize their Youtube description to increase SEO and outbound links to their social media accounts.

If you want to be a big Youtuber do the little things great.

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