Jennelle Eliana Goes Viral – 1 Million Subscribers in Days

youtuber goes viral

The Vanlifer Who Broke YouTube

These days, a video clip posted on the fresh Youtube channel by Jennelle Eliana went viral online. For two years she has been living in a van, which she has completely equipped for her own needs.
With just two videos, Jennelle Eliana found herself with 1 million subscribers. But even the dream of freedom has its cost.

The 20-year-old Jennelle Eliana became a star on the Youtube network these days, when she posted a video clip of her remodeled GMC Vandura Explorer Limited from 1995 on a fresh channel.

Inside, she has everything she needs to live. Since she loves traveling very much, such accommodation is certainly the cheapest option!

Take a look at how the van was rearranged by the 20-year-old Jannelle, who collected 1.2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel in less than a month!

is absolutely genius. “Van tour,” keyword phrase.
“Solo female traveler,” keyword phrase.
“Van life,” keyword phrase.
Pet snake, compelling element,
genius factor 47.
I’m not just talking about keyword phrases.
I’m talking about the audience that Jennelle
was targeting, and she really did her homework
to understand what that audience really wants.
The more you search and go through
these types of keyword phrases, like “van life,”
the more you start seeing that it’s viewers,
the audience searching for “van life”
with “women, girls, females, solo traveler,” et cetera,
and what did her video do?
It spoke exactly to that audience.
And when you do that, it’s just like
the viewer feels like, “Wow, this was made
“especially for me,” and they subscribe, and they watch. And that’s the power of a keyword phrase. It goes on past just showing up in search. It gives you insight into what the viewing audience wants. And we’re not talking about she’s playing search.
We’re talking about that YouTube sees
the audience is connecting,
and furthermore, let’s back up to that statement
made from YouTube about watch history. Check out the last sentence that’s highlighted in yellow.
This one right here.
“When was the last time the user watched a video
“on this particular topic?”
Well, Jennelle’s first video here
contains every one of those big keyword phrases,
and that’s gonna make it easier for the algorithm