How To Hook Viewers and Hold Their Attention Longer

It’s one thing to get people to watch maybe at first 15 seconds of your video
but how do you get them to watch a minute 2 minutes 10 minutes the full
video, We want to share with you guys some of the common things that
makes it easy for people to abandon your video so you can correct those mistakes and make it more likely that people will watch more of your videos giving you more watch time having your rank better
in search and get discovered better overall on YouTube.

We need to first understand why a viewer clicks on a video in the first place and that is this the title and the thumbnail they clicked on set an expectation that they are hoping will be fulfilled in that content in that video and they click and start watching when an expectation is fulfilled many times for a growing number of people that’s when YouTube is going to going to start getting all the positive signals they need about your video that’s when people are going to not only click to watch but they’re going to keep watching and they’re going to watch a lot of that video giving you a lot of watch time and then they’re going to go on and watch other videos which is going to extend the viewing session time all really positive important signals for Google to get so that that will make them start to highlight and promote your videos in different places around YouTube including related videos and content to other people’s videos and suggested videos and on the home feed of people who maybe watched one of your videos but didn’t subscribe and a lot of places like that the reasons why a viewer would abandon your video are then exactly the opposite there’s actually two hings

I would boil it down to number one is that the title and the thumbnail set them up to expect something different than what they’re actually seeing it’s like a misleading title misleading thumbnail in some way not that you’re intentionally being misleading but they clicked expecting something and they’re not getting it for number two maybe they’re kind of getting what they expect but the video is just going it’s just too slow it’s too lame the value just isn’t tight enough it’s just boring and it’s not delivering that much value or at least not as much as they were hoping to get so what did you do how do you hook a viewer and get them to keep watching more of your videos I want to give you guys three action steps that you can do right now number one is you need to craft very enticing titles and thumbnails I know this goes without saying I know you’ve probably heard this many times before I know you have on